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Summer is a Great Time for Health and Safety Admin!

June 27, 2022

Summertime is just slower – likely a result of its association with thoughts of vacations, long days lying on the beach, and the sluggishness that accompanies the hazy hot days. […]

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Ontario Summer Safety: Managing Heat Hazards

May 24, 2022

Summer in Ontario can get hot! We Ontarians know that it’s the humidity that makes it especially sticky and uncomfortable. While it’s uncomfortable for some, the heat and humidity can […]

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Onboarding Summer Staff: It’s a MUST

April 25, 2022

Look outside. Is it snowing? It’s not uncommon to see the flakes fly, even as late as April. But many of you have probably already put your minds to the […]

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Review Workplace Violence and Harassment Program Annually

March 28, 2022

Why is reviewing your workplace violence and harassment program a best practice? Because both your workplace and the world around us are always changing, and those changes impact your program’s […]

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Respirators 101: What You Need to Know

February 28, 2022

FREE March 2022 Safety Calendar We are in a post-COVID world, and respirator use is commonplace. So, it’s important to know the basics when it comes to respirator safety.   […]

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